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Top Destinations

Island of Ugljan

Island Ugljan is one of the most picturesque islands in the Zadar archipelago. It lies opposite to Zadar from which it is divided by only the few NM of the Zadar Channel. The island is connected to mainland with good ferry services. The Pleasant ferry ride takes 20 minutes. Thanks to its coves, surrounding islands and a rich […]


Island of Pašman

Pašman is an island off the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia with an area of 60.11 km², located to the south of Zadar, surrounded by the islands Ugljan, Iž, Dugi otok and Kornati. The municipality of Pašman is inhabited by 2,004 people. Among all islands in the Croatian archipelago it is Pašman that […]


Ugljan is the largest village on the island and is situated on its northwestern side, 11 km from Preko. It is divided into nine hamlets (Čeprljanda, Lučino Selo, Batalaža, Sušica, Gornje Selo, Muline,Guduće, Fortoština, Varoš) that lie between many idyllic coves and colorful ports. The economy is based on agriculture, wine growing, olive and fruit plantations, […]

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Holiday Villa Blue Tree

Ždrelac, Croatia

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Preko, Croatia

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Top Cars

Scott Aspect 26″ M
    Fr.19,04 /Day
    Haro Flightline 26″ L
      Fr.19,04 /Day
      Ghost Panamao 28″ L
        Fr.19,04 /Day
        WOB Elena 28″ L
          Fr.19,04 /Day
          Gilera Stalker 50
            Fr.45,22 /Day
            VW Up
              Fr.71,40 /Day
              Brava Magnolia 22
                Fr.309,40 /Day
                ZAR 53
                  Fr.226,10 /Day

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