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The Kornati archipelago in Croatia is a breathtaking underwater world, with clear blue waters and a diverse range of marine life, including sea scorpions, roaches, Mediterranean fish, and even dolphins. Popular among yachters and divers, this area boasts 147 islands, islets, and reefs, spanning a total surface area of 69 sq. km.

As there are no permanent settlements on the Kornati islands, the landscape is relatively untouched, covered in sparse bushes and grass, and with no water streams. The shallow waters offer a clear view straight down to the bottom.

For those looking to explore this natural wonder, a full-day excursion is available, which takes you on a route inside the National Park Kornati. During the trip, there is ample opportunity for swimming and relaxation in the impeccable sea. The excursion includes a tourist guide, a breakfast consisting of a sandwich, tea biscuits, and an aperitif, and a lunch featuring fish or meat on a grill, potato lettuce, and green lettuce – with vegetarian options available upon request. You’ll also have access to orange juice and wine (red or white) and a professional crew to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the journey.

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Departure from Zadar at 08.3h, return at 17:00h.
Departure from Kukljica at 09:15h, return at 16:45h
09:45h - passing with the ship under the bridge
11:00h - entry into the national park area
11:45h - 13:00h - after sailing along the numerous islands, the first stop for swimming on the Isle of Man was organized.
13:30 - 15:30 - Levrnaka is one of the best Adriatic beaches where the 2nd stop is organised for swimming and lunchtime.


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