Top 5 Zadar County Beaches

Top 5 Zadar County Beaches

Since every beach in Zadar Region is fabulous, it may be best to point out which beaches are best suited for certain things. Such as the best beach for families, the best beach for surfing and so on. Knowing the main attraction at each beach will make your Croatia vacation that much better.

1. Sakarun Beach – Veli Rat, Dugi Otok

Situated 20 miles west of Sali on Dugi Otok, Sakarun is a safe escape for getting away from city beaches. The beach itself is a pebble/sand like many others in Croatia. The water is shallow far, far out into the bay. You can keep on walking out and out and still be able to stand on the sea ground. At the swimming limit, approximately 250 metres from the coast, the depth is around 3.5 m. As a result, the sea water is a bit warmer here than on the other beaches along Zadar coastline. You can spend time in swimming and snorkelling or enjoy in the picnic areas of pine’s shadow. Its beauty is one of the reasons why Sakarun is one of the most photographed beaches in Zadar Region.

On the beach, there are two catering facilities: a cocktail bar and a barbecue stall. In the summer, a small train comes every hour from the hotel compound in Božava. The beach itself is unfortunately exposed to the open sea, which brings rubbish, so that cans, plastic bags, bottles, seaweed and the like are not an infrequent sight. (Photo:  For Sakarun visiting, you can rent a boat or choose from one or more great trips from our tours offer.


2. Lojena Beach – Levrnaka, Kornati Islands

Turquoise water and white sand, just like in the Caribbean. It is a small shingle beach with sand and a bay ringed by a floating boom. There are only two small houses in the central part of islet Levranka, but regardless from th Lojena beach could be a bit crowded because skippers often like to show that particular part of Kornati’s heaven to their guests.
During the snorkelling, the underwater world will amaze you with its beauty and tranquil movements. The bay is particularly great for anchoring but the middle part is quite deep and, according to some, there is a WW2 German boat sunken along just off the shore further out of the bay and that is regularly visited by divers in the region.

For all those who haven’t got a diving qualification we recommend the usage of a mask and a snorkel while peeking into the blue depths of clear and translucent Kornati sea because you can see many memorable things even from the surface. For snorkelling (diving without the autonomous diving equipment) you don’t need a special license, while diving with the use of autonomous diving equipment must be performed only in organized and authorized groups. You can visit this beach renting a boat, or Join us on a private or organized boat tour.


3. Kostanj Beach – Kukljica, Ugljan Island

Northern between Kukljica and Kali is the cove Kostanj, where a beautiful sandy beach and small church St. Jeronim (13th c.) are placed. There are no extra facilities on the beach, just sea, sand and a pleasant shade of the pine trees. It is ideal for kids, romantic couples and nonswimmer. Here, not only the seabed is sandy. Young children and non-swimmers take great pleasure from the shallow shores. There is an old pine forest providing shade.

Due to its location in a hidden cove, the best way to reach the beach is with a boat. It only takes 10 minutes from the Zadar to the Bay of Kostanj.


4. Podbrizi Beach – Vrgada Island

The sandy beach Podbrizi on Vrgada is often included on the lists of the most beautiful Adriatic beaches and even the places we must see at least once in our life. Sandy beach, blue sea and hot sun will make you enjoy your visit to this little paradise. There is a bar on the beach offers cool refreshments such as ice cream, cold drinks and cocktails.
And getting to Vrgada is easy. You just have to Rent a Boat or book organized or private boat Tour.


5. Veli Žal – Mežanj, Dugi Otok

Veli Žal is a pebble beach in front of the islets Mežanj on an uninhabited SW part of the Dugi Otok island. Over a kilometre long beach can be reached by boat and if you are in good shape with the well-marked road. Most of it is pebble and somewhere rocky, while the sea bottom is partially sandy. Veli Žal is ideal to spend the day alone, even in peak season, possibly until sunset that here “going down into the sea.” (Photo: Ivan Coric).











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